Greening Lives Workforce Development

A program from TuTTie’s Place, a community-based group foster care model serving young men, aged 14-21, in Baltimore, MD.


Greening Lives Workforce Development Program

The Greening Lives Workforce Development Program is an entrepreneurship training program that provides career skills and an on-the-job training component. Greening Lives works to train aspiring entrepreneurs who struggle with retaining employment in the traditional workforce and would like to become self-employed.

TuTTie’s Place offers several training programs for the community through Greening Lives, including culinary arts, assisted living, holistic wellness, and film production.


There is simply no better way to ensure a brighter future for our community than getting involved and being an example to youth of all ages. Even a small part can make a big difference. Learn More »

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A donation to TuTTie’s Place extends our ability to reach more young people in need. With State and Federal resources shrinking, private gifts of opportunity have become essential.
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Car Donation Program

Miles Ahead Donations makes it easy to turn your donation of a car, truck, van, RV, trailer, or boat into a generous gift to TuTTie’s Place. Tax Deduction and Benefit Local Charity.
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