Who Are We?

Greening Lives Workforce Development Program

Making Entrepreneurship Possible

The establishment of a comprehensive Workforce Development Program is essential in order to provide individuals with an opportunity to develop career-focused goals.  Greening Lives Workforce Development program is an entrepreneurship training program that provides skills training with an on-the-job training component.  Greening Lives works to train aspiring entrepreneurs who may have struggled with retaining employment in the traditional workplace and would like to become self-employed.  What makes Greening Lives unique is that in addition to teaching vocational and life skills, we also teach “soft skills” (communication techniques that are important for a successful career) and provide career mentors in a non-traditional learning environment. As a result, our clients are able to enter the marketplace with confidence and marketable skills that will support them on their path to self sufficiency and entrepreneurship.


The purpose of Greening Lives is to engage at-risk youth with job opportunities that provide service to the community and the environment, while also providing them with workforce development, education, case management and other social services.

Core Values

The Greening Lives program is committed to honoring the following core values:

Transformation/Individual Development/Empowerment – The Greening Lives program has profound respect for the intelligence of its participants and provides them with real, patient care for their development.

Service/Work Ethic – By providing meaningful and important work, participants are given a path to future opportunities. We care deeply about the quality of service we provide to the people we serve and the community in which we operate.

Integrity – The staff models open, honest communication delivered in a firm and loving manner. All are encouraged to comport themselves with the highest ethical standards of honesty and courtesy.

Learning – Participants learn proficiency in functional, real-world skills taught by knowledgeable, caring instructors and mentors.

Partnership/Diversity – Inspiring and caring role models understand each participant’s proud and unique cultural background. Both the adults and peers in the program develop a family-like support and appreciate each individual’s contribution.

Sustainability – Participants develop life-long skills to overcome their immediate environment and promote changes to the conditions that have affected them and the people they love.

Quality/High Standards – The program provides high standards and expectations for the participants, staff and the work accomplished. We measure and demonstrate our impact to the people who participate in and support Greening Lives.