Donor Honor Roll

A special thanks to the individuals, businesses, churches, clubs, organizations and foundations listed below who made gifts from July 1, 2010 through December of  2010.  All support is appreciated.


$2,000 to $5,000



Mahogany, Pakytax, Bon Secours Baltimore Health System, Mayor & City Council of Baltimore, Baltimore Promotion & Art


$1,000 to $1,999


James Lebenthal, Jay Diamond


$500 to $999

Lillian & Tony Tirocchi, Rebecca Dyson, Janet Hill, Lillian Walters, Sharon Fried, Shuang Liu, Aileen & Allen Thomas, Rob Cohen, Gail Schwartz and Family, John Halaby, John Powers


$100 to $250

Angelo Best, Michele Payne, Delores Wilson, Joy Morton Wiley, Sandra James, Ann Baker, Susan Duggan, Ellie Issaac, Roseanne Thomas, Suzanne Sangree, Mary Slicher, John Hill, Virginia Knowlton, LaTara Harris, Andre Saunders, Leslie Summers, Rita Pakulniewicz, Lavern Avery, Constance Brown, Ruth Neil, Benjamin Williams, Bubba’s Towing, St. Alphonsus Rodriquez Church


$50 to $99

Angeria Jackson, Joanne Wilson, Audra Whitley, Les Hall, Rene Green, Kimberly Pierce, Michael Stewart, Jacqueline Highsmith, Maxine Williams, Consuella Wilder, Jennifer Jones, Tom Lewis,  Betty Faulcon, Huong LE Graphics, Lionel Hill, Mildred Forehand, Indra Bailey,

Zhane Brown, Rose Sykes, Staci J. Winters, Rex Smith, Sebastian Cianci, Derrick Cole, Gail Holland, Albert & Peulah Moore, Barbara & John Weyand, Nicolas & Stephanie Gervase, Thomas & Jeanne Osbourne, Francine Sheppherd, Ann Breihan, Pearl Moulton, Howard Feldman, David Merkowitz, Richard Gale


Thank You for Caring!