“Making Entrepreneurship Possible”

A comprehensive Workforce Development Program is essential in order to provide individuals with an opportunity to develop career-focused goals. Greening Lives Workforce Development Program is an entrepreneurship training program that provides career skills and an on-the-job training component. Greening Lives works to train aspiring entrepreneurs who struggle with retaining employment in the traditional workforce and would like to become self-employed. What makes Greening Lives unique is that in addition to teaching vocational and life skills, we also teach “soft skills,” such as communication skills and workplace etiquette.  We also provide career mentors in a non-traditional learning environment. As a result, our clients have the confidence and marketable skills that will support them on their path to self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship.

Greening Lives training programs include Landscaping, Culinary Skills and Computer Training/Video Production. It is important that people have access to comprehensive services that will give them work experience, along with the support systems that they will need to advance in their careers or to own their own businesses.

Greening Lives also incorporates an educational component into its programming. It is important that people have access to “non-traditional” pathways to achieving a high school education. Therefore, Greening Lives will offer educational placement in the form of GED prep, basic skills remediation and tutoring services.

Greening Lives Training Programs Descriptions

Greening Lives Culinary/Food Service Training – Greening Lives Culinary Skills Training Program teaches individuals basic culinary and food service skills. Students are prepared for employment in the food service industry. Students learn the following skills:
• Kitchen safety and sanitation
• Knife skills
• Kitchen equipment usage
• Recipes and cooking methods
• Culinary management
• ServSafe® Certification preparation

“As You See It” Computer Skills/Video Production Training and Mentoring Program – “As You See It” is a career mentoring program that teaches video production and computer skills with an emphasis on entrepreneurship development.
• Career mentoring
• Technical skills training in the area of video production and basic computer skills
• Entrepreneurship development
• Building of self esteem

GED and Education Remediation – This component of the program will allow individuals to receive educational assistance to obtain their GED or to improve their basic academic skills. Greening Lives will collaborate with the local community colleges to provide a variety of academic support services to assist students with an easy transition to college or trade school, if they wish to further their education. This program will offer:
• GED preparation
• TABE (Testing and Educational Assessment Services)
• Tutoring assistance
• Basic skills remediation
• Educational counseling